Fablab is a creative laboratory where technology and innovation meet imagination and creativity. It's a space where anyone has the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality, experiment with new technologies, and create amazing things.


Lab Works for Kids and Teens: We invite children and teens into the world of technology through engaging and hands-on sessions. They can experiment with electronics, programming, create prototypes, and even build their own robots. Educational Programs and Workshops: Our courses and workshops are designed to inspire and educate. We offer lessons in robotics, 3D printing, game development, and other exciting technologies. Individual Creativity and Project Work: Fablab is a space for free creativity. Children can bring their projects to life, get assistance from our experts, and share their ideas with fellow community members.


In our Fablab, we've created a stimulating and inspiring environment for children where they can:

  • - cutting-edge technology and innovation.
  • - Develop skills in robotics, programming, and engineering.
  • - Implement their creative ideas through practical projects.
  • - Engage and learn within a community of like-minded individuals and experts.


Join our Fablab and discover endless possibilities in the world of technology, creativity, and exploration. Let's together make the future more exciting and vibrant for the new generations!